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Full 360 glazing and window services


Full bespoke specification and design process.

UK Indutrial Windows Ltd has many years experience working with architects and design managers for all sized projects. The reason we don’t list any specific products on our websites is because we have so many. Our motto, across all our family group of companies, is “don’t ask us what can be done, just tell us what you want”. 

We have a great deal of experience in designing window and glazing units to suit any application; they can be curved, tall, wide, bullet proof, fire proof, electrochromic and many more. 


Manufactured in the U.K. to EU standards

Once your window and glazing requirements have been established and signed off, they go into manufacture. UK Industrial Windows benefits from being part of a large family group of companies. Being part of this group allows us to manufacture many types of glazing and window solutions. You may want the frames made of steel or you may want them made from aluminium. You might want the whole wall to be manufactured from sheet glass or you might want a stereotypical aluminium shop front. 

Being part of this group allows us to deliver with unrivalled lead times. You may also wish to purchase steel doors and roller shutters from us. These can all be manufactured at the same time ensuring a complete project delivered to you on time every time. 


Complete installation service including any roller shutter or steel door requirements.

UK Industrial Windows hasn’t always manufactured or designed windows and glazing. However, we have been installing for over 25 years. And we are good at it. 

For a professional finish, you can rely on UK Industrial Windows to carry out and manage a complete install, including any automatic doors, roller shutters or steel doors. 

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