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Electrochromic Vision Panels

Our innovative switchable glass panel provides adjustable visibility into (or out of) a room at the push of a button making it an ideal addition for the doors to meeting rooms.
The panel is powered by a replaceable AA battery pack hidden within the door, allowing the switchable glass to work independently of mains power. This gives excellent flexibility and little or no disruption during installation.

When there is no power to the window, the glass becomes frosted and opaque providing complete privacy into the room. However, when the button is pressed, an electric current causes the glass to become clear, allowing the room to be inspected without needing to open the door or disturb the occupants.

Ideal Uses

Privacy/board rooms 

Counters/display units 

Museum exhibitions

Key Features

  Battery powered, no need for any mains wiring 

Push button switch 

 Low battery indicator 

 Can be retrofitted or installed during new build 2 year battery life 

 Bespoke sizes and shapes 

 Can be installed to fire rated glass if required

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