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Curtain Walling

A “curtain wall” is a non-structural wall which usually covers the outside of a building to keep the elements out and the occupants in. As the curtain wall is non structural, construction costs are kept down as it does not carry any structural load other than its own weight; the wall transfers its lateral wind loads to the main building via connections at columns or floors of the building.

UK Industrial Windows designs their curtain walls using glass framed in aluminium which allows a lot of natural light to penetrate deep into the building.

Our glazed curtain walls differ from shopfront systems in that they are built to span multiple floors taking into consideration thermal contraction and expansion, water diversion, building movement and efficiency for cost-effective lighting and heating inside the building.


Ideal Uses

Government buildings/Vehicles

 Military buildings/Vehicles

 VIP areas where transparency is needed




Key Features

Can be made into curves

Printing and tinting options

  Can be made into bespoke sizes and shapes

  High level of transparency

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