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Bullet Proof Windows

UK Industrial Windows can offer a wide arrangement of bullet proof and ballistic resistant windows depending on the level of security needed, where the window will be incorporated and how transparent the panel needs to be.

We use an arrangement of materials including bullet resistant acrylic security glass for low-medium protection levels, polycarbonate security glass for medium-high security levels and ballistic glass-clad polycarbonate for high-ultra high security levels. The final product will be manufactured from a variety of layers and bonded together with tough polyvinyl butyral inter-layers; the final thickness dictated by the threat level that is needed to be protected against.

When attacked, the front layers of the glass are designed to absorb and shatter against the initial impact whilst the subsequent layers will absorb the lower-level shock waves.

Our bullet proof shutters are ideal and have been used in government buildings, embassies, VIP residences and high-risk military installations


Ideal Uses

Government buildings/Vehicles

Military Buildings/Vehicles

VIP areas where transparency is needed





Key Features

Can be made into curves

Printing and tinting options

Can be made into bespoke sizes and shapes

High level of transparency


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