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Curtain Walling

Visually stunning, architecturally sound and environmentally friendly. Curtain walling systems are used to cover the outside of a building where concrete and brick just doesn’t cut it in terms of aesthetics.

Typically seen on skyscrapers and apple stores, our curtain walling systems are manufactured from an aluminium frame and glazing of appropriate thickness.

Use this if you want a great looking, fully glazed finish on your commerical or industrial building.

Aluminium Shop Fronts

Aluminium shop fronts – a generic name we give to the fact we are able to design, manufacture and install aluminium shop fronts in many styles.

Our aluminum shop fronts offer a cost effective alternative over curtain walling to finish the front of your commerical property. Not only do we make our own systems, but we are able to use Kestral,  Schuco and Reynaers profiles if required.

Remember – we also offer roller shutters and steel doors and can complete the whole package by partnering with one of sister companies.

Electrochromic Vision Panels

If you’ve never heard of Electrochromic glass, you might have heard of smart glass or magic glass instead.

Essentially this glass can change transparency at the flick of a switch to make things more private if needed.

These vision panels are for small aperatures and can be retro fitted onto existing doors or windows. They can be battery powered for easier installation.

Strengthened Electrochromic Windows

Also known as “smart glass” or “magic glass”, our strengthened electrochromic glass can change transparency at the push of a button to turn open rooms into private board rooms if needed.

The strengthened or tempered glass can be manufactured from various thicknesses to suit various applications and is normally used to form a whole wall.

Bullet Proof Windows

Bullet proof glass, or balistic glass, is exactly what it says on the tin; it stops (or more accurately is heavily resistant against) bullets and other projectiles.

Made from varous layers of glass and polycarbonate, the “sandwich” of materials absorbs much of the energy from the projectile protecting the individual or item on the other side.

If further security is required over the glass, please visit our roller shutter company – www.ukrollershutters.co.uk

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